QuizUp Oyunu Cevapları ve Hileleri ( History General )


QuizUp oyunu yeni popülerleşen bir İngilizce yarışma ve bilgi oyunu. Belirlediğiniz kategoriye göre gerçek bir rakip bile karşılaşabilirsiniz. Arkadaşlarınızla QuizUp oyunu oynayarak bilgilerinizi test edebilirsiniz. Yarışabileceğiniz bir çok kategori var ve tercih size ait. Oyunda hile hurda yapıp arkadaşları bir yeneyim ağızları açık kalsın diyorsanız tam doğru yere geldiniz. Aşağıda oyundaki genel tarih kategorisine ait cevaplar yer alıyor. Bu cevapları kullanarak tüm sorulara doğru yanıt verebilirsiniz.

QuizUP Genel Tarih Kategorisi Cevapları (General History)
Who was once the president of three republics at once: Columbia, Bolivia and Peru? Simon Bolivar
December 15 is Zamenhof Day, named in honor of Lithuanian-Polish ophthalmologist LL Zamenhof. What did he do? Invent Esperanto
Who was a former leader of the Nation of Islam? Elijah Muhammad
What was the “Steel Cow” in the Vietnam War? The B-52s
The Rainbow Warrior was what form of transport? Trawler
What country claimed the first U.S. Warship sunk in World War II? Germany
What nationality was Winston Churchill’s mother? American
A plague at whose grave reads “No me Ilores,” which means “don’t cry for me”? Evita Peron
Mohamed El Baradei donated his winnings from the Nobel Peace Prize to building what? Orphanages in Cairo
In 2009, a Kenyan man offered Secretary of Sate Hillary Clinton 40 goats and 20 cows. What did he want in exchange? Chelsea Clinton
Which of the following is NOT a museum in the Smithsonian system? Fish and Shellfish
Which famous fighter class was involved in the bombings of Baghdad in 2003 on the first day of the Iraq War? F-117A Stealth Fighter
Madame Curie, a famous scientist of the early 1900’s, was a pioneer in what field? Radioactivity
How many countries eventually joined the League of Nations? 59
What was Ehrich Weiss better known as? Harry Houdini
What country did Iraq invade in 1990, based on claims of disputed oil? Kuwait
Too what British politician was Princess directly related? Winston Churchill
The Crow Indians called their Inunaina neighbors the Arapahos. What does Arapaho mean in their language? Tattooed Ones
What was the 1969 war between El Salvador and Honduras called? The Football War
How many seconds did it take Napoleons surgeon Baron Dominique Larrey to amputate a leg? 14
What dynasty built most of the present-day Great Wall of China as a way to keep out the Mongols? Ming
Queen Mary II was a queen of which country? Great Britain
Who is Mohammed Reza Pahlavi? Former Shah Of Iran
In 2001, the Taliban destroyed the statues of whom, carved into a cliff in the Bamiyan Valley? Buddha
How old was Mother Teresa when she died in 1997? 87
Who was Adolf Hitler’s ally in World War II? Benito Mussolini
What country lost the most peple in WWII? Russia
What was the first Communist country to pass power from a father to a son? North Korea


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